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Razer’s gunmetal Blade Stealth is one sleek ultrabook.Credit: Mitch Wallace

Many gaming laptops suffer from varying degrees of prohibitive weight issues (don’t we all), oftentimes defeating the entire purpose of lugging a shrunken computer to the library or a friend’s house. Leave it to Razer to bring some much-needed portability back to this evolving class of devices, and it’s paired with an external graphics enclosure that promotes a rather compelling hybrid gaming lifestyle.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not just a gamer. I’ve got other stuff going on in my life, and being a writer first and foremost, I tend to shy away from so-called ‘gaming laptops’ largely because they’re a serious pain to carry around. That’s especially so if I want to go work in a coffee shop or outside at the park in addition to launching something from my Steam library. Yes, I understand that achieving the sort of performance and graphical prowess PC gamers typically demand requires significant internal hardware, hence the extra baggage. But if I audibly groan while picking up a capable gaming laptop, I’d rather just play on a fully-fledged desktop at that point. And really, there’s slim chance that I’ll be dragging said outlandish gaming laptop to different locations for productivity purposes, just so I can get a few games of Overwatch in between writing sessions.

A shot of the Blade Stealth with its screen open.Credit: Mitch Wallace

That said, I quite understandably jumped at the chance to test out Razer’s gunmetal Blade Stealth alongside the accompanying Core V2, both of which I’ve been able to live with and game on for the last several months. In other words, I’ve had plenty of time to test

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