MUSC doctors will ask questions about guns in the home with new safety campaign – Charleston Post Courier

Kristen Moldenhauer knows it’s difficult to broach the topic of gun safety. So when faced with crowds of parents, she always leads with some personal facts: She supports the Second Amendment; she’s from a family of gun owners; she grew up with unsecured guns in her home. 

But she does think parents need to be more aware of the dangers of unsecured firearms.

Dr. Annie Lintzenich Andrews, a Medical University of South Carolina pediatrician, thinks the same. Andrews helped put in place the Be Smart for Kids campaign, of which Moldenhauer is the Charleston chapter’s lead, in MUSC’s pediatric primary care clinic. 

The program will roll out officially July 2.

Each of the letters in S-M-A-R-T stands for a different piece of advice. Secure guns in homes and vehicles; Model responsible behavior; Ask about unsecured guns in other homes; Recognize the risks of teen suicide; and Tell your peers to be SMART.

The campaign is a program of the Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund. The group maintains a map that tracks each time a minor hurt or killed someone with a gun. South Carolina had one of the highest numbers in 2017, with 16 incidents. Explore the data at

Moldenhauer said the campaign has made 1,600 presentations in about 40 states. It communicates common sense gun safety, most importantly to lock weapons, unloaded, and keep them stored separately from ammunition. It also suggests parents ask other parents about guns before sending their children away for play dates, and reminds parents about teen suicide. 

About 1,300 children 17 and younger die from gun violence every year, Moldenhauer said. About 300 of those deaths are unintentional; another 500 are suicides. 

Moldenhauer became involved in the campaign when her son, in preschool at the time, told her one of his peers

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