Morning Tip Q&A: LaMarcus Aldridge –

LA: Pau’s a great passer, a really skilled big. I think with him I’m definitely better out there, because teams play me high or trap or whatever, and he’s really good at putting that pass over the top. He’s always looking for me. I think as any other big out there, he’s the one that’s always looking for me.

Me: How rewarding has this season been for you?

See some of the plays that made LaMarcus Aldridge an All-Star in 2017-18.

LA: It just feels good to be myself again. It wasn’t really about trying to re-invent the wheel or do something I haven’t done. This is who I’ve been. So it felt good to be myself again and play my game again and get back to the level that I was at. It wasn’t a surprise or anything new. This is just what I’ve done.

Me: But were you surprised when Pop said ‘my fault?’

LA: Yeah, for sure. As I’ve told people, to have a Hall of Fame coach tell you that it was his fault, that he shouldn’t have tried to change me, that was surreal to me. ‘Cause I thought he was going to tell me ‘go F yourself; I’m Pop, you’re wrong, I’m right.’ That’s what you expect from someone of his caliber. It was the total opposite. He was like, you’re right. I did try to change you and make you into my vision. You’ve been in the league long enough; you’ve done this. So I’m going to leave you alone.

Me: Do you have any expectation you’re going to see Kawhi?

LA: No, we’re just playing. If you go day to day wondering when he’s going to be back, then you’re not in the moment and you’re not going to do your

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