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LONGMONT, Colo. — The search is on for more than 100 guns stolen from the home of a dead man in Longmont.

Entire gun safes were taken from the home.

The man’s brother is now trying frantically to keep those weapons out of the hands of bad guys.

Longmont police tell us  they have received the report of the stolen guns.

For days now, Frank Dickinson has been trying to find out who stole the weapons from his brother’s home.

Dickinson said, “What went through my mind is I felt violated … I mean nobody has the right to steal your property. Violated is probably the best word and I was extremely upset that’s for sure.”

Those guns Belonged to 63-year-old John Dickinson who died suddenly of a heart attack.

He did not have a will.

Four large safes and stacks of Dickinson’s guns were STOLEN a few days after he died.

Frank tells us he tried remove the bulk of the weapons from the home, but police told us he had to wait 10 days.

Dickinson lived alone, Frank tells us, and had a renter in the basement who recently had to be evicted.

Frank tells us the door to the basement had been forced open, and locks  were mysteriously changed after his brother’s death.

Police have asked for a list of serial numbers of the guns.

Nearly 90 of them were purchased from Grandpa’s Pawn and Gun whose owner, Rod Brandenburg said, “It’s very worrisome because we could be the victim of gun violence through these guns. Police could be victims. You guys could be victims out on the street cause whoever’s got these guns they didn’t go through a background check.”

Frank is also

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