MLB GM meetings 2018: Mike Trout rumors, 'Harper's Bazaar,' Yankees' pitching plans and more hot stove buzz –

MLB’s GM meetings concluded on Thursday, which means we’ve ticked off a fairly important checkpoint on the offseason calendar. The Winter Meetings, during which activity often peaks, is now exactly one month away, and that means the 2018-19 offseason can begin in earnest. 

So as we rush headlong into all the trades and signings, let’s run down 11 key takeaways from these recently completed GM meetings and what they might mean for the vast remainder of the offseason.  

1. ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ is underway

Uber-agent Scott Boras represents outfielder Bryce Harper, who’s our top-ranked free agent of the offseason. As is the case whenever there’s an offseason baseball hootenanny, Boras was on hand to hold court before assembled media. This time around, he declared that “Harper’s Bazaar” is open for business. 

Harper of course has MVP upside and star marketability, and he’s also extremely young (26) as free agents go. That’s why he’s likely sign a contract worth, oh, $350 million or so. (Fellow premium free agent Manny Machado, also 26, won’t be far off that figure.) To the end of pumping up that market, Boras has indicated that Harper might be willing to play first base. 

Any number of teams could use Harper, and the Giants, Cardinals, Phillies, Dodgers, Angels, Braves and incumbent Nationals make for a partial listing of likely suitors. Oh, and add one surprise entrant to the ledger … 

2. The White Sox could be surprise players

The White Sox are trying to emerge from a deep rebuild, and they’re getting a little impatient about it. The South Siders have endured six straight losing seasons, and 2018 occasioned their first 100-loss campaign since 1970. The young core is impressive, but some known quantities are needed in order to allow them to contend in

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