MLB drug testing: 10237 drug tests were conducted during 2017, an increase from 8281 in 2016 –

From the beginning of the 2016-17 offseason to the end of the 2017 postseason, 10,237 drug tests were conducted in Major League Baseball. 

That’s an increase from the 8,281 tests conducted during the previous reporting period.

Of the 10,237 tests: 

8,235 were collected and analyzed for performance enhancing drugs, stimulants and DHEA.

2,002 were collected and analyzed for human growth hormone (hGH).

Last year, MLB collected 6,634 urine samples and 1,647 blood samples.

The 2017 tests resulted in seven cases of discipline: 5 for PED substances (boldenone twice, nandrolone, selective androgen receptor modulator, stanozolol) and two for stimulants (adderall, d-amphetamine).

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