Michael Cohen is no ‘hero,’ but Robert Mueller thanks him for the help – Washington Examiner

According to a memo filed by special counsel Robert Mueller, investigators found Michael Cohen helpful.

Cohen, the longtime lawyer of President Trump, sat for seven meetings with the special counsel’s office to assist in the investigation. Cohen “provided, and has committed to continue to provide, relevant and truthful information to the [special counsel’s office] in an effort to assist with the investigation.”

Cohen accepted responsibility for lying to Congress about his contract with Russian officials concerning plans to build a Trump Hotel in Moscow. He has also accepted responsibility for lying to the public.

According to a new filing in the Southern District of New York, however, confession does not absolve Cohen of his crimes. Prosecutors are seeking a “substantial” prison sentence for his financial crimes he pled guilty to earlier in August.

These prosecutors scoff at Cohen’s request for “extraordinary leniency,” which is “based principally on his rose-colored view of the seriousness of his crimes.”

It seems the man who fancied himself Trump’s “fixer” has gotten himself into a legal mess he can’t fix. Before offering their conclusion, prosecutors note that, while helpful and while agreeing to plead guilty rather than seek a presidential parson, Cohen’s decision “does not make him a hero.”

Cohen will more than likely head to prison. There goes a former hero of Trump world. Watch him as he goes.

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