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Leafbuyer (LBUY): Are New Highs Coming?
REMINDER: The last time LBUY saw a multi-day uptrend at these levels it was back in mid December. LBUY climbed for several days, saw a brief pull-back and then ran as high as $3.15. This month, we’ve seen a similar trend of a multi-day move up, a recent and slight pullback along with increased volume and following the recent 2-day pull back, LBUY has started to make another move up on above average volume Thursday afternoon! Could this signal LBUY’s next move?
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Marijuana Stocks Continue to Push Boundaries

The index known as the North American Marijuana Index surpassed the growth of many of the stocks throughout the market this past Thursday, as news of the President’s trade war with China hit other industries quite hard. Because of the speculation that often comes into more traditional industries when big news events hit, many investors saw Thursday as quite a negative day for the market. This was not the case with Marijuana. The index managed to gain as much as almost 5% by the end of the day.
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The Effect of Cannabis on the Opioid Epidemic
Several new studies have come out showing the efficacy of marijuana as a treatment for diseases that would otherwise be treated with opioid drugs. The company Arcview Analysts has shown that the market on cannabis could potentially reach as much as $25 billion over the course of the next three years. The main source of this growth is through the continuous string of legislation happening throughout the country and around the world. With legislation going on in Canada to make marijuana recreationally legal by this Summer, the future seems exciting for the cannabis market.
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