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Despite pressure coming from a number of political forces within Canada, the marijuana news for today sees Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holding fast to his promise of Canadian marijuana legalization this summer.

“We’re going to continue to move forward,” Trudeau said Thursday. “We’re going to bring in legalization as we’ve committed to this summer on schedule.” (Source: “Plan to make marijuana legal by summer on track, Trudeau says, despite calls to delay it,” National Post, May 3, 2018.)

The Canadian Senate has been the main opponent of the summer timeline. Comments coming from that body of government recommended slowing down the process in order to increase consultation with First Nations on taxation, education materials, and addiction treatments.

Any sort of delay, however, would wreak havoc on marijuana stocks. The marijuana news today, therefore, is positive in that Trudeau stuck to his guns and reassured investors that indeed the Canadian marijuana legalization process is underway and on track.

With the weed downturn in 2018 still largely in effect, Canadian marijuana legalization is precisely the type of event that I believe will help kick-start companies’ gains.

I’ve long held that this summer will be a strong season for marijuana stocks. That will all change should the legalization plan in Canada experience a delay, however.

“Right now young people have far too easy access in Canada to marijuana,” Trudeau said. “Criminal organizations make billions of dollars a year in profits on the sale of marijuana.”

“We need to move forward on a system that controls and regulates while protecting our kids and our communities,” he added.

But even with Trudeau’s support, a great many questions still hang in the air over just how Canadian marijuana legalization will look. It is precisely those questions that are leading critics to claim

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