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A Boiling Springs resident wants to let voters decide whether alcohol can be sold inside town limits.

Robert Pitchford started a petition with the Cleveland County Board of Elections for a referendum on the sale of mixed liquor beverages, beer and wine in Boiling Springs. The petition also calls to permit the operation of ABC stores in Boiling Springs.

Pitchford said he believes it is past time for Boiling Springs to permit alcohol sales.

“This is the 2017 era,” he said. “It would be a big plus for the town.”

Cleveland County is a dry county, in which alcohol can be sold only in city or town limits.

Shelby and Kings Mountain allow the sale of beer, wine and spirits at a licensed establishment. Other towns that allow the sale of beer and wine are Fallston, Grover, Polkville and Patterson Springs.

Petitions for referendums go through the Cleveland County Board of Elections rather than through the municipality.

“A petition starts when someone comes in to request that one be started,” Dayna Causby, director of elections at the Cleveland County Board of Elections, said. “A form is filled out, we look and see how many signatures are needed and the petitioners have 90 days to submit the signatures.”

Petitions for alcohol sales must receive signatures from 35 percent of registered voters in the town to go on the ballot. The Boiling Springs petition requires 938 signatures. 

Pitchford estimates he has secured around 300 signatures since filing the petition. He and others in the community have petition forms so they can collect signatures at various times and locations.

The signatures are collected on a specific form and all signatures will be checked by the Cleveland County Board of Elections office for voter registration, residence verification and signature validation.


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