Locals against casino relocation speak out at Tuesday's City Council meeting – Porterville Recorder

“When you put that place out by the fairgrounds and the sports complex, you are making it really easy for people to ruin their families,” said Bob Buck during oral communications at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting.

With a packed room behind him, Buck was not alone in his opposition of the Eagle Mountain Casino relocation project. Several other members of the community approached the microphone to speak out against the casino moving in to city limits and the negative impacts they believed the relocation would bring with it.

Bud Goings spoke about the effects of gambling addiction on families and children.

Tony Cotta explained how slot machines are strategically made to keep the user playing, and the longer a player sits at a slot machine, the higher the risk of losing money becomes.

Pastor Ryan Ruckman addressed the Council with a letter in hand.

“I can’t imagine what young people are going to do with their college money, paychecks, etc. if there is a casino right around the corner, next to the fairgrounds and near a sports complex,” said Ruckman. “Young people can make very unwise decisions. It is difficult for me to believe that the casino relocation plan is being considered.”

Randy Goings shared that he believes every dollar spent at the casino would be a dollar taken away from local businesses. He also expressed that the relocation could have major negative effects on lower-income families.

The opposing comments were answered by Mayor Milt Stowe, who said the city is not the deciding factor in the relocation. Stowe explained that the Bureau of Indian Affairs would make the final decision in the relocation project.

Members of the audience were not fully

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