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Litecoin founder Charlie Lee has given his take on cryptocurrency in the poker world as well as his thoughts on the game as a whole during a recent interview.

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee believes that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will eventually become standard in poker. (Image:

Talking to Unconfirmed’s Laura Shin on the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin, Lee said we’re just scratching the surface of what cryptocurrencies can do. Although he acknowledged that digital tokens such as Litecoin aren’t mainstream products yet, he explained that the number of use cases is increasing.

Cryptocurrency Gives Poker Players Control

Coincidently, Lee’s first encounter with Bitcoin came just after the events of Black Friday in 2011. In referencing this, the cryptocurrency developer said that using virtual coins is a way for sites and players to take back control.

“With Bitcoin now, you can just transfer it to an online poker site and no one can stop you. So, it’s a better form of money where you actually have control over your own money,” Lee said during the November 2 podcast.

Elaborating on the convergence of online poker and cryptos, Lee said he sees the former as a “game of skill” and, therefore, no reason why governments should stop anyone from playing.

Industry Embracing Change

Over the last five years, cryptocurrencies have started to make their way into the poker industry.

Leading the way in 2016, the UK Gambling Commission ruled that its licensees could accept virtual currencies as long as they were able to uphold anti-money laundering regulations. Although other national regulators haven’t been as proactive, a number of operators have embraced the cryptocurrency revolution.

In 2017, CoinPoker announced its launch with the help of Tony G, while Virtue Poker drafted Phil Ivey to be one of its

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