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Slot machines with 3-D visuals. Multi-player games with arcade themes like Pac-Man. Illuminated, towering slot machine cabinets with images of movie characters.

For many guests at this year’s Global Gaming Expo, it’s all old news.

“Everything’s kind of the same,” said Kristine Clemons, who works in email marketing for iGaming provider GAN in Las Vegas, as she toured slot machines on the show floor. “Basically, just the pictures change.”

The G2E conference gives vendors an opportunity to show off the latest gaming technology, but some of the attendees at the 2018 G2E said they were underwhelmed by this year’s technology.

Same old, same old

“There’s a fair amount of similarity,” said Benjamin Sutherland, co-founder and CEO of San Francisco-based game development studio Present Creative. He said some machines on the show floor had fallen into old routines; he pointed out a fruit-themed jackpot game standing nearby.

“It looks great, but it looks like any other fruit game,” he said. “There’s a particular customer type who wants more of the same. … So it makes sense that there’s a lot of safe plays going on here.”

Rom Hendler, founder and CEO of travel and hospitality company InnoVel Travel Tech in Israel, decided not to attend G2E this year because he believes the expo’s technology is “more or less the same” every year.

“The gaming industry is not really going through disruption,” he said via email. “Disruption is the mother of all innovation since it forces you to adopt.”

Hendler said executive directors are often too focused on margins, immediate threats and expansion. New technology often falls to the wayside.

“(Innovation) is a cost center for them at best,” Hendler said. “We need to become more attractive than other (industries) for emerging technologies. … We need to go out to look for

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