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The meteoric rise of the trendy electronic cigarette Juul has left school officials scrambling to educate parents and kids on its potential health risks. The sleek, digital-like design and tiny pods filled with flavored nicotine juice have caught on fast with underage teens, who can easily hide the tiny vapor puffs in their sleeves and charge the device on school laptops.


The device resembles an electronic thumb drive, so one Montgomery County school district took the unusual step of banning all USB drives when officials became aware that some of the students were using their school-provided Chromebooks to charge the Juul products.

“They do look very much like flash drives,” said Deborah Wheeler, superintendent of the 4,100-student Upper Dublin School District. Wheeler said that real USB drives were not needed to store school materials, and that while only one student has been disciplined for possessing a Juul on school grounds, Wheeler believes there are more hiding at the middle and high schools.

Juuls (pronounced “jewel”) have also become a big hit on college campuses, said Frank T. Leone, director of comprehensive smoking treatment programs at Penn Medicine.

“Young folks see using the Juul or Juuling as very different from using the electronic cigarettes or vaping,” said Leone. “It has the extra panache of being digitally oriented.”

But Leone cautioned that using inhaled nicotine is like participating in an organic chemistry experiment.

“Nicotine has its own set of risks,” Leone said.

Unintended consequence Mari A. Schaefer Juuls are a popular form of electronic cigarettes.

Juul Labs is a spinoff of Pax Labs, which was founded in 2007 by two Stanford University design graduates, James Monsees and Adam Bowen, both smokers, who were out to create an easy-to-use alternative to the tobacco cigarette. Their goal was to help smokers eliminate cigarettes, said Ashley

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