June 21 Letters: Confiscating guns won't make us any safer – The Mercury News

Repealing the Second Amendment and confiscating all firing arms will not stop the criminal who will not give up his firearms. So how is this going to make us safer?

Why don’t we repeal all sales of firearms, automobiles, butcher knives, baseball bats, and all materials that can be used in making a bomb, and so on and so on. Will this make us safer? I don’t think so. Criminals don’t care about words on a piece of paper called laws. I served in the U.S. Navy in World War II, have been a firearms person all of my life and have never harmed anyone and do not ever intend to do so.

We have all kinds of laws on the books. Until we can backup those laws, what good would more laws do?

Reginald R. Holloway
San Jose

Court confirmed right to keep and bear arms

Contrary to the extremist hoplophobic, anti-Second Amendment, anti-gun, anti-law-abiding gun owner, and anti-law-abiding gun owner organization letter (Letters, June 19), there should be no repeal of the Second Amendment and no confiscation of all guns.

The Supreme Court, in the Washington, D.C. and Chicago cases, upheld and confirmed the right of the individual law-abiding citizen to keep and bear arms for lawful purposes such as self-defense, hunting, target shooting, and collecting.  The Bill of Rights, including Article II, is the law of the land.

David R. Russell

Earthquake alert project is a California responsibility

I was surprised by Monday’s editorial “Trump drops life-saving alerts.”  With all the talk of Cal-exit and California not following federal immigration requests, why are we wringing our hands over losing $10 million of federal money a year for this project?  That only works out to about 30 cents per Californian.  When did it become the federal government’s job to pay for

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