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Every good NHL player needs a goal celebration to match. Scoring goals is fun, you see, and presumably it’s even more fun if you do so in front of 20,000 roaring fans wearing sweaters with your name on the back. Luckily for Jeff Carter of the Los Angeles Kings, Canadian comedy duo On The Bench is here to offer up some quality suggestions:

Getting past the overwhelming Canadianness on display here, Carter is given some extremely good celly ideas he should definitely use in NHL games. Sure, maybe he’ll get ejected and/or suspended for unsportsmanlike conduct, but postgoal celebrations are a time for unbridled joy, not for considering the consequences of life.

Because this is important sports stuff and we like to rank important sports stuff, here’s a ranking of Carter’s fancy new goal celebrations.

3. The Flag Pole

This one would be ranked higher, but (a) the difficulty level seems rather high (b) it appears Carter was NOT a fan of this celly. “What are you doing Jeff,” indeed.

2. The Harpoon

A classic. The only downside, really, is that you might take a guy’s head off by throwing your stick. That’d probably lead to a minor penalty.

1. The Punt

The Punt brings together a lot of different elements: It’s a football thing, it requires coordination with a teammate, and you get to kick a glove with your own skate. This seems like it would be a lot more difficult on ice than on normal ground, but if we’re talking NHL players, they can probably handle it.

There’s also far less risk of impaling someone with The Punt than The Harpoon, which is worth at least one bonus point.

So, Jeff, congrats on your new goal celebrations. We can’t

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