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Earlier in October, I warned you that cannabis stocks were getting too expensive. There had to be a correction coming. And I advised you stay away from those high-flying growers.

I even called out five companies by name. All of them have great value, but all of them had gotten incredibly expensive.

Investors weren’t investing; they were speculating. They were just plain gambling on the future of an industry they didn’t understand at all.

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I warned that the Canadian cannabis industry wasn’t big enough to warrant such high valuations. And I said, “When that reality sets in, these high-flying growers may just take a nosedive back to reality.”

And in the week following my warning, all five of those companies saw their stocks drop by double digits:

But after that massive drop, I saw an opportunity. Everyone was fleeing the cannabis market. And it was creating some impressive deals for those with a good understanding of the industry.


People were worried it was a crypto crash all over again. But as I said in that week’s article

There’s a big difference between cannabis companies and cryptocurrency.

That’s intrinsic value. These pot companies have [it].

So, I gave you a list of three of my favorite cannabis investments.

These three companies all saw their shares rise to ridiculous levels in the frenzied September buying. And all saw their share prices crash with the rest of the market at the start of October.

But there was real value behind these companies. And now a lot of that overinflated price tag had fallen off.

So, I gave the go-ahead to start buying the dip. And all three companies I recommended are up double digits since then:

Even boring old Scotts Miracle-Gro popped

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