Is Marijuana Safe for Investment? – Profit Confidential Is Marijuana Safe for Investment?

Spark it up. Nothing is as hot right now as marijuana stocks. There may be lots of room on the marijuana bandwagon but does that mean marijuana is a safe investment?

No investment is 100% safe. Just ask all those investors who piled their life savings into so-called safe investments like Nortel Networks Corporation, WorldCom, and Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.

The marijuana sector is not 100% safe either, but it is just getting warmed up. Recreational marijuana use is now legal in Canada, other countries around the world are looking to do the same, U.S. marijuana sales (on a state level) are on the rise, and publicly traded marijuana stocks are reporting strong revenue growth and international expansion.

Risk-tolerant investors who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and do some due diligence could realize strong short- and long-term gains.


Should you invest in marijuana stocks? If you’re fine with investing in “sin stocks,” there are more than enough compelling reasons to delve into the marijuana sector.

The marijuana industry is in its infancy; there are a growing number of well-heeled marijuana stocks trading in Canada and the U.S.; many marijuana stocks have experienced meteoric gains over the last two years; and more and more countries, like Germany, Australia, and Israel, are expected to follow Canada’s lead with legalizing recreational marijuana.

While recreational pot use remains illegal on the federal level in the U.S., the U.S. marijuana market is still projected to hit $23.4 billion by 2022. Who knows what it will be when recreational use of marijuana becomes legal on the federal level. The potential is massive. (Source: “Legal Marijuana Markets Projected to Reach $23.4 Billion, Employ Nearly a Half-Million Americans by 2022; Effective End of Federal Prohibition is in Sight,” The Arcview

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