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In defence of mobile gaming - Reader’s Feature Fire Emblem Heroes – giving mobile gaming a good name?

A reader encourages you not to dismiss all mobile gaming out of hand, and uses Fire Emblem Heroes as a reason why not.

Mobile games are dismissed by many hardcore gamers as silly little money-siphoning, over simplified rubbish. To dismiss a whole medium in one swoop is foolish. We wouldn’t do this in other aspects of our life. I would like to think that the majority of us would deal with individual cases on individual merits.

The game that has spurred me to write this is Fire Emblem Heroes. I have logged in every day since its release and have, on the whole, found that it has kept my interest. Although the number of freebies for the in-game currency has reduced lately, causing a lack of new characters to level up and train.

Basically, it’s a simplified version of the Fire Emblem games. You summon random characters with orbs, which can be purchased or gained through in-game bonuses. These characters vary in usefulness, depending on their stats, skills, and star rating. When you have your team of four, you can carry out training maps, story maps, and battle in the arena against other player’s teams. Albeit controlled by very dodgy artificial intelligence (the dodginess making it even more satisfying when you see that your team has actually managed to defeat another player).

I almost lost interest when I realised that once you acquired some good five star characters and levelled them up to full potential, there was a limit to how unique your team could be. Eventually everyone would have the same team, consisting

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