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Picture the scene: It’s a scorching summer’s day, you’re on vacation, and your only priorities are quenching one hell of a thirst, and cooling down in the process. You don’t want to think about fucking IBU levels, nor do you want to wait in line for the latest limited-edition seasonal release or cult collaboration. You just want to crush a couple of cold ones, and get a little buzzed while doing it.

This moment calls for a stupidly refreshing beer. It’s not thought-provoking or indicative of your independent sensibilities. It’s just easy and fun and perfect.

Ice-cold macro draft beer — ALWAYS draft, though more on this later — is like a wonderful, meaningless summer romance. It’s unlikely to blossom into anything serious, but boy does it make you feel great at the time. It’s a drinkable Danny Zuko.

As with wine, there are ideal serving temperatures. They range from around 40 degrees for pilsners, to low- to mid-50 degrees for Belgian-style dubbels. Drinking beer at ice-cold temperatures is generally not advisable, as it masks the beverage’s malty, toasty, nuanced flavors.

In the case of cheap macro beer, however, that’s sort of the point. Extreme chilling is the best way to appreciate the fact that macro brews taste like beer-flavored water. In the right circumstance, that makes them extremely enjoyable.

Texture, too, is vital. The mouthfeel of fresh draft beer is infinitely superior to that in glass bottles and cans. With a healthy proportion of foamy head to ice-cold liquid, draft brew has a velvety texture, gliding down silkily like Egyptian cotton on varnished wood flooring. It simply guarantees refreshment.

Glass bottles, on the other hand, allow light contamination and their caps leak in oxygen. Light and oxygen are the enemies of fresh beer. And though cans don’t suffer from this

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