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No offense to my good friend and fellow blogger Jasper Mirabile, who seems to love just about every national something or other day, but I’m generally not into those made-up celebrations.

That is, until one of those days allows me to learn something new. And when that knowledge is conveyed through the consumption of alcoholic beverages, well, Jasper, I’m right in your corner.

So, today, I write this in honor of National Beer Lovers Day, which will be celebrated on Sept. 7. I thought I’d use the occasion to drink some great beer!

Things got even better when it was suggested that I should explore the impact the beer glass has on the beer in your glass! Yes, much like wine and single malt scotches, when it comes to choosing your beer glass, size and shape matter.

“If you searched out the perfect glass for each beer you’re going to pour, that’s all you’d ever do. So, we narrowed it down a bit and use four basic glasses,” shared Jake Barnett, bar manager at Harry’s Country Club, which serves some 200 different beers.

I headed down to Harry’s with my good buddy Chad Tillman, a man who loves and studies beer. The plan was to drink each beer Barnett poured in the right glass and then the same beer in the wrong glass to see if there was a discernible difference.

Harry’s uses four basic glasses: a roadhouse glass, which is small and round; a shaker pint glass, which most of us think of as a classic pint glass; a tulip glass, which has a wide circumference meant to emphasize a beer’s aromatics; and a good ole’ fashioned beer mug.

Barnett also pulled out a brandy snifter, a Bordeaux-style wine glass, and a special Spiegelau glass designed for India pale

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