Harold Reynolds Proposes Very Bad MLB Rule Change, Still Doesn't Know What 'Cylinder' Is – CBS Boston / WBZ

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Plays at home plate have been a point of contention for MLB analyst Harold Reynolds for some time now.

Three years ago, Reynolds proposed on MLB Network a special box of sorts for catchers to stand in as they waited for throws home. But on Monday night, he outdid himself.

Dismayed at seeing Yankees shortstop prospect Gleyber Torres suffer a season-ending elbow injury while sliding into home plate, Reynolds said it’s time for MLB to change its rules regarding touching home plate.

“I’m going to start with the Torres injury, because this got me thinking,” Reynolds said. “Why do we have so many guys having to reach back with the plate to touch it with their hand instead of sliding with their feet?”

That’s a great question.

Reynolds proposed that, like football, MLB should award runners home plate if they merely break the plane of the plate. That is to say, the flat plate would extend to the sky, and any runner getting any part of his body over home plate would be deemed safe. This would, in theory, save players from having to strain their ankles to touch the ground or extend their arm and risk having a catcher fall on top.

This idea is insane.

But let Reynolds explain: “Imagine that was the goal line and he’s got the football — hey! We give it to him. Touchdown, run counts!”

Got it?

More from Reynolds: “This used to be your safety — I could slide through the plate. Now we’re so concerned about touching the plate that I’m saying, cross the plane like they do in football”

Considering the sport has been around for some 150 years and has always required players to touch the plate, it’s a bit odd to

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