Guns, tissues, T-shirts discussed in prep for Loveland murder trial – Loveland Reporter-Herald

By Hans Peter

Reporter-Herald Staff Writer


Attorneys presented arguments involving semi-automatic weapons, Kleenex-branded tissues, T-shirts and mental competency Thursday during a pretrial conference that will set the scene for a Loveland murder trial.

Eighth Judicial District Judge Julie Kunce Field heard the arguments in preparation for the second trial of Eric David Gray, the Loveland man accused of shooting and killing his neighbor in June 2015. On Thursday, attorneys argued over what evidence would be presented before jurors, and how it might affect their thoughts on the case, and, subsequently, their verdict.

Gray’s defense attorneys, Janet Laughon and Alison Wender, filed a motion that called for the exclusion of the T-shirt Gray wore when he allegedly shot his neighbor, 75-year-old Gerald Donovan, in north Loveland. They argued that the T-shirt had no relevance in the case, and the jury should not consider it as evidence.

They filed another motion that would limit the use of the term “AK-47” during the trial, as the gun used in the shooting is not a true AK-47, a gun with a long-established role in warfare and violence. and the label might have connotations to the average juror.


Laughon said the gun used in the shooting was of the Wassenaar Arrangement Semi-automatic Rifles (WASR) series, and the broad term “AK-47” might not settle well with jurors.

She argued that during the trial, the gun should be referred to only as a semi-automatic rifle or “an AK-47-style” gun.

In response, Deputy District Attorney Jenny Ellison said the umbrella term for the gun should suffice; she held up a box of tissues on the prosecutor’s desk.

“I would ask someone to pass me a Kleenex,” she said, hoisting the box. “Even though these are Puffs, everyone would know

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