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I fault left’s ramped up rhetoric, not guns

In response to “ ‘Thoughts and prayers’ are meaningless. To stop mass shootings, we need to do this” (June 15

Op-ed writer Marcos Breton said we are all cowards unless we raise our voices against the proliferation of guns in America.

As always, these canards tossed out by the left just insult more freedom-loving Americans who remember that the assault weapons ban did nothing to lower gun crime.

Keying in on the instrument used only when it is a gun is an empty argument indeed and fails to address that the man was stopped by a gun.

If anything, the heightened political rhetoric of the left contributed to this deranged individual, not the gun.

Stephen Conlon, Charlotte

Bring democracy back to N.C.

We must demand that North Carolina – like many states and democratic countries – adopt a nonpartisan process for creating voting districts.

As long as the dominant party is allowed to gerrymander we are stuck with legislators whose re-elections are guaranteed.

They are only accountable to the hard-core base. By definition, North Carolina is no longer a fully-functioning democracy.

Debbie Snowdon, Denver, N.C.

I feel helpless and disenfranchised

Silence and frustration seem to have taken precedence over freedom and democracy in our country.

There are 65,853,516 Americans of various socioeconomic classes and ethnic backgrounds who have been left voiceless after the 2016 election.

For a country that champions freedom of speech, it seems that the opinions of many in this country are being disregarded by a single-party government. There is no democracy in that.

We are watching as our government destroys our Earth and brandishes an ignorant and racist demeanor in response to global issues.

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