Greatest NHL Uniform: 1978-1985 Vancouver Canucks –

To some, it’s the ugliest jersey in the NHL’s 100-year history. 

That never stopped a young Kenny Albert from wearing it to school on Long Island or to Madison Square Garden when his father, Marv Albert, was calling the play-by-play on the New York Rangers radio broadcasts.

Albert, now 49 and a play-by-play announcer for NBC, FOX, MSG and Rangers radio broadcasts, grew up rooting for the Vancouver Canucks and made sure to buy their new jersey when they switched their design at the start of the 1978-79 season from blue and green with a hockey stick logo on their chest to gold, black and red with a giant V across the chest that went up to the shoulders.

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Albert had the home jersey, which had a gold base with the V in black and red, and the road jersey, which had a black base with the V in red and gold. Those jerseys, which the Canucks wore from 1978-79 to 1984-85, are in the field of 100 in the Greatest NHL Uniform showdown.

“People are still talking about it 30 years later, so I guess it made an impact,” Albert said. “It’s strange in that it was one of the few that didn’t have their logo on the front. That’s what made it a little bit different. It probably looked a little bit like pajamas almost, but it was unique and people are still talking about it.”

Although the jersey’s color scheme made some think of Halloween or the Duraflame log, Albert didn’t mind it.

“I didn’t become a fan because of the jersey,” he said. “They had the green and blue one when I first became a fan, so it wasn’t actually the jersey. But I remember when they switched

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