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June Hardy and Bill Lee stand in front of the Hughes & Frehner store, now the Golden West Restaurant and Casino, in the early 1920s(Photo: Virgin Valley Heritage Museum)

Of all the original cafes, restaurants and casinos constructed in Mesquite over the past century, the Golden West Restaurant & Casino is one of the few still standing and in use.

Originally constructed in the 1920s, the building was initially named the Hughes & Frehner Store after store co-owners J.E. Hughes and Alfred Frehner.

Made with 16-inch thick adobe brick walls, the establishment was something of a convenience store that sold cheap necessities, snacks and more.

Not long after its construction, the store housed the post office beginning in 1926.

Both business in the store coexisted until 1945 when the store was sold to a local man named Deloy Abbott. 

The post office was moved into the Hughes motel, which was just across the street where Mesquite City Hall now stands.

Abbott turned the store into a grocery store and then an ice cream parlor before selling it in 1952 to a man named George Harmon from Las Vegas.

Harmon had grander ideas for the establishment and immediately put in a liquor store and gaming hall.

He named it the Valley Inn and it stuck around for a few decades with Harmon before being bought again, this time in 1975 by Louis Nielsen.

Nielsen operated the building as a bar and casino until it was bought in 1995 by casino owner Brad Pederson, who tore the building down and rebuilt what is now the Golden West Restaurant and Casino on the site.

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The Golden West Restaurant & Casino in Mesquite, Nevada (Photo: Terell Wilkins/Desert Valley Times)

The restaurant is now open 24 hours for patrons

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