Global Games Market, Regional and 25 Companies Gaming Revenue Analysis-Key Trends and Forecast to 2025 –

The global games market is expected to grow with a double digit CAGR during the period 2018 – 2025. The factors such as increasing penetration of internet, growing adoption of PCs and smartphones, continuous advancements in technologies, emergence of virtual reality (VR) and powerful marketing strategies adopted by the game developers are the major drivers for the global gaming market. However, the issues such as piracy, laws and regulations, and concerns relating to fraud during gaming transactions are expected to hamper market growth.

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Global Games Market & Forecast – By Device

On the basis of device, Smartphone captures largest share of the gaming market. The segment also has the most number of gamers.

Console is the second largest segment of the gaming market.

It is anticipated that the boxed/downloaded PC gaming market will tumble down during the forecasting period.

Tablet captured around 10% share of the total gaming market.

PC browser accounted for least share of the total gaming market.

Global Games Market, Number of Gamers & Forecast – By Region

On regional basis, The Asia Pacific region dominated the global gaming market in 2017.

North America is the second largest region for gaming, taking nearly 25% share of the market in 2017, being closely followed by EMEA.

Latin America captured least share of the global gaming market.

China, United States and Japan are the top three markets for games.

In European region, Germany is the top market for games, being followed by United Kingdom and France.

South Korea is expected to contribute significantly to the growth of gaming market.

Global Games Market – 25 Companies Gaming Revenues Analysis

In terms of company, Tencent has emerged as the biggest player in the global gaming market.

Sony captured second highest share of the global gaming market in

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