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It’s sad that a nation famous for forging ahead, defying the odds, and finding solutions to problems is defeated. But some of the loudest voices insist that’s the case. Each time there is a new mass shooting, anguished cries for some effort to be made to control the gun saturation of the country are met with the familiar insistence that it can’t be done, you just can’t get there from here.

The loud voices insist that now is not the time to talk about this. I intend to talk about it now. I’ll just chat briefly about some of the things that have been said many times before by those whose knee-jerk reaction to any suggestion of gun control is to shout “No.” Some of their positions puzzle me.

Absolutely no need to consider any new laws, say the naysayers. We just need to enforce the laws already on the books. I would like to know which existing laws regarding sensible control of guns and limiting undue access to guns are not being enforced and why they are not. I wonder if those so vociferous in their assertions that this is the real problem have bombarded their political representatives with demands that the laws be enforced.

We are assured that the real basis for our guarantee of the freedom to bear arms is so we can protect ourselves against our own government. I don’t deny that government can become oppressive; we see it happening practically every day. And it happens without force of arms. But should my own government decide to attack me with actual weapons, I somehow doubt that my own puny collection would stand up against tanks, machine guns, artillery, and aircraft. If the founding fathers really had this in mind, I feel sure their vision of how

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