Gilda's Club goes over health risks for kids who smoke e-cigs –

E-cigarettes are becoming more and more common in teenagers, but what about the health risks?

You might have heard of Juul, or Juuling. That’s the new fad hitting the hands and lungs of teens and kids all over. 

“Kids think that they’re healthy, they think they’re fun cool things because there’s a lot of flavors you can do tricks with the vape and blow it out,” Courtney Horning says. 

Horning is the interim director for Smokefree Communities. 

But what might be considered cool isn’t so hot for your lungs. 

“A lot of these products have nicotine and nicotine is harmful to teens because it affects their brain development,” Horning says. 

Jo Gilreath, program director at Gilda’s Club says,”It’s really easy to turn the other way and ignore it and think this isn’t happening and I don’t need to worry about that.”

Well, it is happening right here in the Tri-State. So Gilda’s Club, an Evansville cancer support group, partnered with Smokefree Communities, going over the health risks for kids and teenagers who smoke e-cigs. 

“Parents need to be up to date on information to help guide their children and things to change and things unfortunately can be deceiving,” Gilreath says. 

Horning says kids here in the Tri-State sell hits off their Juul or vape at school for a dollar. One local high school student says kids constantly are Juuling in the bathrooms during school, in fact, it’s become so common not a day goes by that student doesn’t see someone smoking their e-cig. 

But why is vaping becoming so popular? 

Horning says kids think they’re healthier than smoking cigarettes and are considered cool, but that is not the case. 

“Usually the pods that go in these devices are the nicotine equivalent to a whole pack of cigarettes so kids are getting a high concentration

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