General Assembly to consider banning 3D-printed guns in Maryland –

The Maryland General Assembly will consider legislation next year to ban access to 3D-printed guns after the federal government gave a Texas-based company the OK to distribute weapon blueprints.

Majority Leader Kathleen Dumais, D-Montgomery County, is drafting legislation that would ban the possession of 3D-printed guns and “ghost” guns, firearms that don’t have serial numbers.

The specifics of the ban and punishment aren’t known at this time as Dumais is still working on the bill.

In the past year, America has witnessed a mass murder in Las Vegas, Nevada, where an individual with an assault weapon slaughtered dozens of innocent people. A few months later, we saw a former student walk into Parkland High School and open fire on his former classmates and students.

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Legislating the Internet can’t be done, so at least Maryland can ban possession of the guns so police can confiscate them upon discovery, Dumais said.

“I haven’t heard a good reason on why people need to own 3D-printed guns and ghost guns,” Dumais said.

3D-printed guns have been controversial as they are made of plastic and may not be detectable by magnetometers. Federal law forbids making, selling or possessing undetectable firearms.

The state just spent millions of dollars to outfit schools with metal detectors and other safety measures, and these guns would bypass all that work, said House Speaker Mike Busch, D-Annapolis.

Since the federal government isn’t stopping these weapons, the states have to step up, he said.

“You can’t proliferate these types of guns,” Busch said. “It just makes no sense whatsoever to have these kinds of weapons readily available,” Busch said her legislation would have support from his office.

Gov. Larry Hogan’s office did not immediately return a request for comment.

Busch advocated banning the 3D-printed

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