Four NFL teams that will disappoint fan bases in 2018, including the Dallas Cowboys –

Earlier this week I weighed in on the teams I believe are poised to make a positive step forward in 2018. So, it was only a matter of time before I shared my thoughts on teams I believe are trending in the opposite direction. Right?

And indeed that time has come.

Rosters are largely formulated by now and the chances of a team making a transaction significant enough that it alters the scope of their upcoming season are scant. Coaches in the NFL know that by this time in the offseason, the 45 guys they will take into play on Sundays are coming from the group that is currently assembled. This is their team. It’s not up to them to find the best group out of these 90 bodies to get the job done.

Joe Montana ain’t walking into that building. And neither is Barry Sanders of Lawrence Taylor, for that matter. And while, eventually, somewhere, I suppose, Dez Bryant will be walking into a team headquarters, expecting players who are on the street into May to make a difference is folly. They are available for a reason (or three). So with that in mind, here are some teams that have experienced at least a modicum of success in recent years who I don’t have a great feeling about in the spring of 2018:

Kansas City Chiefs

I love me some Patrick Mahomes as much as the next guy. More than most … but some of the hype is getting out of control. He’s going to be a rookie (he has 1 start; for starting purposes he is still a rookie to me). He’s going to make a bunch of mistakes (and learn from them) and he’s likely to be in a position where

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