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Jared Griener ponders his next move while playing in a poker tournament. Griener, raised in Sandy but now living in California, has earned over $1 million in poker tournaments.

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By Ron Bevan | [email protected]

Sometimes our life choices make us think we are heading in a certain direction. And sometimes that direction changes, but the decisions we made honed our skills for our new venture.

 So it is with Jared Griener, a former Sandy resident who found the work ethic he put in as a swimmer and a door-to-door salesman has given him the skillset to compete at the highest level of poker tournaments. In just a few short years, Griener, 31, has already surpassed the $1 million mark in career winnings at poker tournaments across the nation. He has been featured in televised tournaments and even took home over $400,000 in just one tournament. Not bad for a young man who had never even played poker until 10 years ago.

 “My first poker game was in the summer of 2007 when I was selling security systems door to door in New York,” Griener said. “All of the sales people were housed in an apartment complex. I was invited to play and I won the very first time I played.”

 But even then, being a professional poker player was far from Griener’s mind. And it didn’t fit in with how a young boy going to Sunrise Elementary in Sandy pictured his life would become.

 “I grew up LDS with strong convictions toward the gospel,” Griener said. “There isn’t a lot of poker in Utah and I wasn’t around the game at all. I had other outlets that interested me.”

 Griener knew from a

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