Five Things to Know About Nike's New NBA Socks – Nike News

Ask any athlete, and they’ll tell you: Socks matter. Basketball athletes have a unique relationship with their shoes, and are particularly vocal about their affinity for socks and how they provide comfort, protection and traction. Beyond that, tradition plays a critical role in sock-wearing, and includes rituals such as layering two or more socks, wearing one higher than another or scrunching them around the ankles.

Foot size is only one differentiating factor between players. Nike learned through research that sock thickness, as it relates to style of play, is equally important. Thus, Nike designers created two types of socks for its partnership with the NBA: the thick and super-cushioned NBA NikeGrip Power Crew sock, and the lightweight with medium cushion NBA NikeGrip Quick Crew sock. Both are made with NikeGrip yarns (ultrafine polyester fibers twisted with traditional fibers to increase the sock’s surface area) for anti-slip traction and zoned cushioning that protects and vents.

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