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New York Giants rookie running back Robert Martin hadn’t gotten the call. It was after 4 p.m. ET on Saturday, September 1 — the 2018 deadline for NFL teams to pare their rosters down to 53 players after carrying as many as 90 through training camp. Not getting a call, he explained later, was a good thing.

“Basically you go on with your day and if you don’t get that call, you know you’re on the team and you can just show up the next day,” he said after practice the following Friday. “You just really didn’t want to get the call.”

Despite making it through what’s better known as “cut day” — a day that looks like a milestone from outside the locker room — Martin knew better than to celebrate. Instead, the Pennsylvania native who went to nearby Rutgers did they same thing he and his peers on the fringe of the Giants’ roster had done all through training camp: He went back to the extended-stay hotel where the team puts up many of the rookies and undrafted players, ate, and played Fortnite with some of his friends from home.

“During our free time, everybody pretty much just wants to go to their room, relax and get off their feet,” he says.

Though he acknowledged that it was “a good feeling to make the active, to know that my hard work didn’t go unnoticed,” Martin didn’t even tell his family that technically, he was slated to suit up for the Giants’ opener — his goal since going undrafted and signing with the team back in May.

As it turns out, Martin was right to treat making first active roster like an anticlimax. There are a number of cliches around just how ephemeral NFL careers can be: when most

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