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In 2015 Canada’s aerospace industry contributed close to $25 billion in GDP and nearly 190,000 jobs to the Canadian economy. It’s an industry segment that focuses on innovation and is not afraid to implement the latest technologies.Canadian Metalworking (CM) recently asked Jim Quick, president/CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC), for his opinion on the industry and how manufacturers can break into the sector. Here’s what he had to say.CM: As other manufacturing sectors decline, how is Canada’s aerospace industry maintaining its place as a world leader?Quick: As more and more markets open up and air travel becomes more accessible, we are going to see continued increase in demand for aerospace products and technologies. While aerospace is on the rise and the opportunities are out there, Canada needs to be well-positioned to take advantage of that.Government support through programs and policies that support sectors that are key economic drivers in our economy will be essential.Our industry is becoming concerned that we are seeing an erosion in some of the programs that have allowed us to be a world leader in manufacturing business aircraft, small engines, rotary, and simulation and training. Canada will need to reverse that erosion if we’re going to stay competitive globally.CM: Why does the research show that Canada’s aerospace manufacturers focus more on innovation than other industrial sectors?Quick: Aerospace is extremely globally integrated. To succeed in aerospace, you need to compete with companies not just in Canada, but around the world. To be competitive, you need to innovate.Canadian aerospace companies are focused on the global marketplace, because that’s the competition. This sets the aerospace industry apart from most of the other Canadian manufacturing sectors, which is why it’s so important that programs and policies that support the R&D and innovation ecosystem in

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