Emanuel's 'Safe Guns Policy' stalled amid opposition from banking industry – Chicago Sun-Times

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to strip financial institutions whose clients allow unrestricted gun sales of their seats on the gravy train tied to city bond deals stalled Monday amid opposition from the banking industry.

The City Council’s Finance Committee postponed a final vote at the behest of Ben Jackson, vice-president of government relations for the Illinois Bankers Association.

Jackson argued that the mayor’s ordinance includes an “exceptionally broad definition” of both financial institutions and their customers, establishing an “impossible standard” for those institutions to follow and police.

“It would certainly be impossible for a financial institution to determine which customers across multiple lines of business throughout the country or even globally under this ordinance remain in compliance with such a policy,” Jackson said.

“This is especially true, given the ordinance’s expansive view of what encompasses a client of a bank.”

Jackson further argued that local governments “cannot regulate” the lending activity of “state and federally-chartered financial institutions.”

“If federal regulators were reprimanded for seeking to limit banks’ business lending activity, it is difficult to envision how a local government, having no regulatory jurisdiction, is entitled to take a similar action,” he said.

Ald. Edward Burke (14th), who joined Emanuel in co-sponsoring the ordinance, said he is “prepared to work with” the banking industry to establish a more reasonable standard.

But he said aldermen heard the same complaints when they adopted the MacBride Principles and severed ties to banks that do business with the Swiss government after Holocaust survivors accused Swiss banks of failing to relinquish money and valuables stolen from them.

The same complaints were also raised when banks were required to come clean about their past ties to slavery, the alderman said.

“Sometimes, these financial institutions overreact and it takes some time for them to realize that they can,

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