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With the recent Supreme Court ruling on the Federal sports betting law, the floodgates are open for sports betting to race across the country. Obviously the political winds could shift, but for now it looks like poker players in perhaps two dozen states could be able to bet legally on sports in the next few years.

One of the first things I noticed when I moved to Las Vegas was that casinos nearly always put the sports book and the poker room right next to each other. It’s obviously not an accident—there’s plenty of crossover between the two.

If you live in New Jersey or another state considering sports betting, I would expect sports books to be installed next to your poker rooms in times to come. Given that plenty of people reading this will likely place at least one legal sports bet sometime relatively soon, I wanted to give a few quick pointers to poker players who want to do some small time betting and might want to possibly have a small amount of EV with it as well.

Don’t Straight Bet Into Market Lines

Market lines are the ones that are updated regularly on the board. (An alternative is parlay cards where the lines are printed on a card and don’t change sometimes even for a few days.)

Straight bets are just single bets on one team or side. You aren’t going to win straight betting into market lines. It can be fun, of course, so if you think that’s the most fun then do it.

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