Drugs And Guns May Not Mix: But Cannabis Companies Can Stay Secure – Crypto Briefing

The legal cannabis industry has a problem – it’s not actually legal.

Every time a state like Oklahoma or Maryland legalizes cannabis for medical or recreational use, representatives from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (more popularly known as the ATF) remind the public that cannabis is still a controlled substance by federal law.

That means it’s illegal in any state for any medical or recreational cannabis user or employee to carry a firearm. And this problem is made bigger because the ATF is only one of the many government agencies watching the cannabis industry on a federal, state, and local level.

This article is largely contextual – the conclusion is relatively straightforward, but the need to arrive at that conclusion is what takes a little explaining. And cryptocurrency – in this case, Dash – is instrumental in providing the solution to the problem I’ll now outline.

We already discussed how the DEA, DOJ, and other federal agencies put a squeeze on banks doing business with state-authorized cannabis businesses. Cannabis is a cash-only industry because even legal marijuana companies don’t have access to banking services.

At the time, I dismissed the role of cryptocurrency in stabilizing cannabis, but I did recognize the utility of blockchain in state-mandated seed-to-sale tracking programs. Today, I spoke with Ken Ramirez, the co-founder and CEO of Alt Thirty Six, a Dash partner focusing on the cannabis niche.

Since I’m located in Arizona, along with Dash and Alt Thirty Six, I asked him to convince me of the utility of Alt Thirty Six and Dash in the cannabis industry. He touched on several key points that give me hope for both cannabis and crypto, and it revolves around the biggest problem in both industries – security.

Welcome to the Wild Wild West


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