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Now that we’re into December, gift giving season is upon us.

Most of the time, that means shopping for some type of merchandise to bestow on a family member, friend or co-worker. But all of us — or am I alone here? — know a person or two that would do just as well if he or she received a bottle of something he or she can put to use at various holiday gatherings.

Gifting alcohol, however, is no simple task. Sure, you might know your boss is a whiskey drinker. But what kind is best? That’s tricky.

Perhaps your friend is a craft beer nerd. You want to get him or her a mix of beers in a six pack, some of which he or she has never tried. Sounds easy enough. Then you start wandering around the liquor store and realize you’re lost in a maze of options.

Worry not, I’ve put some (probably too much) thought into this subject. Behold, some guidelines.

1. Know your audience.

This is pretty straightforward. You have to do some background research. Trust me, it’ll pay off in the long run.

Let’s go back to the example of snagging something for your boss. You know he or she likes to dabble in whiskey. Great. The problem is, whiskey options are boundless. You could choose a bourbon or a rye. Perhaps your boss comes from a family of former bootleggers and they like corn whiskey. Hard to say!

You certainly don’t want to just ask and tip off your gift idea. Maybe see if anyone else around the office knows. Or ask a group, including your boss, out to some drinks after work and see what

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