Dozens of guns stolen during Holmes County house burglaries – WJTV

HOLMES COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — The Holmes County Sheriff is warning the public after several burglaries left dozens of guns in the hands of criminals.

Sheriff Willie March said two people were arrested with 10 stolen guns, but deputies say there are still several more out there.

“It’s a big concern,” said Jeremiah Garrett, who was a victim of one of the burglaries. “Somebody could get killed with them.”

Garrett is one of the several people who has had weapons stolen from him in the past few months, which is why he chose not to show his face on camera. He fears whoever stole his weapons could use them against him.

The most recent thief robbed Garrett of 13 hunting rifles, eight hunting lights, his gun safe, the key to his truck and the safety of living in his own home.

Sheriff March said deputies arrested Rand Skinner and Kenji Friar on Monday and recovered 10 stolen rifles.

However, March admits there’s still a long way to go. He’s asking the public to be vigilant and also think twice before buying a gun from someone on the street.

“If someone brings you a gun and tries to sell you a gun if you purchase it if you would call the sheriff and let us run it or ask has that gun been stolen because you get caught with it a stolen gun it’s a felony, and you can say what you want. I didn’t know it was stolen but it’s a felony if you possess that stolen gun.”

Sheriff March says it’s important for gun owners to copy down the number on your gun so if it is stolen, law enforcement can enter it into a system in hopes of finding it easier.

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