Does Winning at Poker Increase or Decrease Your Motivation to Play? –

What is your mindset immediately following a winning poker session? Or after those times when you happen to win a tournament, even a small one? Are you more eager to get back to the tables? Or does winning actually make you less quick to play again?

The latter response to winning might seem counterintuitive to some, but it certainly happens, especially to part-time or “recreational” players who are already being selective about when and where they play.

There are different reasons for not wanting to play right away after winning. Perhaps the player just wants to savor the winning session or tournament victory an extra day or two. Maybe the player keeps close track of his or her bankroll and wants to enjoy the idea of being “up” a while longer before putting any money at risk again.

Or it could just be that feeling of satisfaction after having won simply lessens a player’s motivation to get back and try again, diminishing the urge to try to accomplish something immediately after having already achieved it.

This is a non-issue for certain poker players. Some are so dedicated to poker that regardless of whether they’re winning or losing, they never want to stop playing. The pros also try not to focus too greatly on winning or losing, but rather on trying to make correct decisions at the table, thus necessarily making results less of a factor influencing their desire to play.

But many who aren’t pros or full-timers find their motivation wavering from time to time. Losing at poker can certainly lessen motivation for some, but winning can have a similar effect on some players, too.

Psychologists have studied how rewards affect children’s behavior, with some studies having shown that giving children rewards for completing tasks too frequently can actually lessen their

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