DJ LeMahieu hit a double that was totally eaten by Wrigley Field's ivy –

The Rockies got off to a quick start in the first inning of the National League Wild Card Game on Tuesday night. After Charlie Blackmon walked against Jon Lester, DJ LeMahieu blasted a line drive to the gap in left-center, where it went … where, exactly?

Oh, it went right into the ivy on the outfield wall, enveloped by the shrubbery and never to be seen again.

Cubs organist @GaryPressy plays “Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?” after the ball disappears into the ivy at Wrigley Field! 😄💡🎹

– Organist Alert (@organistalert) October 3, 2018

At the moment, it kept Colorado from scoring a run, though Nolan Arenado drove in Blackmon with a sacrifice fly a few pitches later.

Wrigley Field wasted no time making its unique dimensions come into play … 

Adrian Garro joined in 2016. Throughout his travels, both Bartolo Colon and Vin Scully have placed their hands on his shoulders. Not at the same time, though. That’d be amazing.

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