DC firefighter arrested looking for his pistol; cops smelled alcohol on him – FOX 5 DC

– A D.C. firefighter, assigned to the fire boat, was arrested last Saturday after D.C. police found him on the side of a highway searching for his lost 9mm Glock 43, reportedly smelling strongly of alcohol.

According to a court affidavit filed in the case, Michael A Huskins Jr. “was in a state of agitation and was stumbling around” when officers found him near his motorcycle on I-695.

The affidavit says Huskins had “very bloodshot/watery eyes” and the officers could smell a strong odor of alcohol. When asked what he was doing Huskins told the officers he was “looking for my gun, I can’t report that as stolen. It is a Glock 43”.

Huskins showed the officers a D.C. Firearms Registration Certificate as well as a D.C. Conceal/Carry permit for the weapon. He also identified himself as a member of the fire department. 

As the officers were conducting their investigation they learned Huskins was a suspect in a previous collision on Newcomb Street Southeast where he allegedly crashed into two vehicles.

According to a police report and the court affidavit, Huskins was confronted by the owners of the vehicles who described him as “highly intoxicated and belligerent”. He then implied “he was carrying” and, concerned he had a gun, the car owners backed off. Huskins then got onto his motorcycle and fled the scene.

On I-695 near the 11th street bridge police called in a K-9 to search for the missing gun. Huskins insisted it was there but nothing was found.

Police did find a holster, hollow point ammo and a 7 round magazine.

Huskins was taken to the seventh district station where he refused to take a breathalyzer.

When questioned on the highway about his condition Huskins told the officers “I feel great” and said he had only consumed 2

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