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While the States of America recently went through elections – some of which had to do with gaming in the different states – many countries around the world have also taken a different tack with regards to poker. While those in the U. S. may believe that they have the market cornered on “misery” regarding the state of the game, a quick look around the world will reveal that there are spots where it is worse.

China Continues Crackdown on Poker in Country

In the past, China was a country who seemed to be allowing gaming and poker to thrive. The island gaming mecca of Macau has become one of the top gambling destinations for high stakes play, topping the venerable Las Vegas in the amount wagered. Of late, however, the Chinese government has been cracking down on gaming, especially that performed online.

Most recently, the Chinese government has banned several poker applications from access to the largest population in the world (over one billion people). These apps, from such businesses as Poker King, Poker Tribe and several others, have been targeted to prevent Chinese citizens from being able to access them. These are all apps that emanate from outside the country and follows up on a ban earlier this year that targeted those poker apps that were created by companies inside the People’s Republic of China.

In the past, the Chinese government has cracked down on gambling and poker in other manners. Back in 2015, a Chinese police task force shut down an Asia/Pacific Poker Tour event in Najning, China, and there have been several crackdowns in Macau for “high rollers,” including putting severe limits on ATM withdrawals and other activities. The World Poker Tour is owned by a Chinese company and, to this point, has yet to be affected

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