Councilwoman says community has wrong attitude about alcohol consumption – Columbus Telegram

COLUMBUS — Columbus City Councilwoman Beth Augustine-Schulte used the first reading of an ordinance that would allow hard liquor sales on Sunday mornings to voice her concerns with the community’s attitude toward alcohol consumption.

Augustine-Schulte stepped to the podium Monday night to deliver a seven-minute address that touched on underage consumption, alcohol-related health problems and a generally accepting attitude toward drinking that she believes is contributing to problems here.

The councilwoman didn’t take aim specifically at the proposed ordinance that would allow hard alcohol sales beginning at 6 a.m. on Sundays instead of noon.

“It’s not the time of day,” she said. “The time of day is irrelevant. My issue with this is the attitude of alcohol consumption that we are contributing to our community.”

Augustine-Schulte told her fellow council members that loosening restrictions on alcohol consumption sends a message to youths and anyone else that drinking is acceptable, and she believes that will lead to more problems down the road.

“I think in our community we have formed some very unhealthy perceptions about alcohol use, so much to the point that I think a lot of our citizens don’t even know clearly where the line is between alcohol use or misuse or abuse or even addiction,” she said.

The councilwoman, who teaches at St. Bonaventure Elementary School, argued that the Sunday morning hard liquor ban currently in place isn’t a moral issue, otherwise local religious leaders would be stepping up to support it.

She said it’s about combating the mental, emotional and physical health issues alcohol abuse creates and reducing the toll drinking can take on relationships, families and workplaces.

Augustine-Schulte, who called underage drinking a “regular occurrence” in Columbus with youths sneaking

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