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On top of causing 49,000 annual deaths directly as a result of consumption, alcohol is the second biggest cause of cancer after smoking in France, the leading cause of death in 15-30-year-olds and the main cause of early onset dementia.

Alcohol is also involved in more than half of all violence against women and children.

However, unsurprisingly, alcohol industry lobbies consider the current tax quite sufficient.

According to them, taxes are revenues for the state and are not used to finance awareness campaigns.

“The problem with continually rising taxes is that it doesn’t help prevention, and it’s just lining the pockets of the state,” Alexis Capitant, representative of alcoholic drinks producers’ association, Avec Moderation! told Franceinfo. “It penalises consumers’ spending power, without any proven health benefits.”

If Buzyn backs the doctors, this will be the second time in a year the health minister has come head to head with the country’s alcohol industry. 

“The wine industry today claims wine is different from other types of alcohol,” she told France 2. “In terms of public health, it is exactly the same thing to drink wine, beer, vodka, whiskey, there is zero difference.

“French people have been told wine is the safe option, that it will bring benefits that other spirits won’t. That’s wrong. Scientifically, wine is alcohol like any other.” 

Doctors and academics came out in support of Buzyn. 

But suggesting wine should be treated like any other kind of alcohol in a country that producers the most wine in the world and whose folk are the second biggest drinkers of the tipple in the world was always going to have people spluttering into their glasses.

Indeed even her boss, President Emmanuel Macron came out against his minister’s notion that when it comes to health wine was just

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