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During Monday night’s City Council meeting the adult softball alcohol permit for a tournament was discussed. Chief of Police Frank DiFonzo noted that while he is usually the one who handles alcohol permits in city parks, the permits have only been for things like family gatherings and not sporting events.

Brandie Azure with the Richland County Adult Softball Board explained that she, along with umpires and the concession stand workers would be the ones to monitor for underage drinking. City Council member Tami Christensen noted that with the large number of people attending, it would be a difficult task for only a few people.

DiFonzo suggested that the City Council not approve the permit. He added that if they did approve it that liability insurance would be required. City Clerk/Treasurer Jessica Redfield noted that on top of that, the softball group would also need to obtain special event liability insurance that would be on top of their already existing policy. 

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The police chief noted that with this being a two-day event with 10 hours of alcohol consumption, it would be a very big liability. After a lengthy discussion with input from City Council members, DiFonzo and Azure, it was voted to not approve the alcohol permit. 

DiFonzo went on to discuss some issues that came up with firework stands this year. He explained that he repeatedly talked to the owners of the firework stand located in front of City Hall about not lighting off fireworks in commercial districts. DiFonzo noted that he would like to see the fireworks code be amended. 

He also said that he would like to see it prohibited to light off fireworks in commercial districts. Redfield suggested

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