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CINCINNATI — Cosplayers — people who don costumes of their favorite characters from books, TV shows, movies and games — will turn heads this weekend at CinCityCon at the Sharonville Convention Center.

CinCityCon, a gaming convention that includes cosplay, serves as an example of a boom in cosplay. Local cosplayers said they are enjoying the increased attention and participation, and they anticipate it will keep getting bigger.

Dan McNamara wields Thor’s Hammer, a prop he made, at Hive13 (makerspace) in Camp Washington.

Dan McNamara, 33, a cosplayer from Mount Airy and business owner sponsoring the CinCityCon cosplay contest, said cosplay’s time has arrived.

The Marvel effect

“You’ve got shows like ‘Big Bang Theory,’ which is really bringing this stuff into the mainstream, and now one of the biggest events in the world is San Diego’s Comic-Con,” said McNamara.

However, much like early Dungeons and Dragons players, cosplayers didn’t initially find acceptance for their passion.

Megan Carriger, a Cincinnati cosplayer.

“When I was in school, I would never have told anyone how into costumes I was or how I made things because I would have been made fun of,” said Megan Carriger, 33, of Sayler Park.

Jessica Scott, 30, of Fairfield, agreed.

“I’ve lived through the transition where it was super weird back when I started and people made fun of you for being a cosplayer,” said Scott.

“Cosplay is love, man, cosplay is life,” Jessica Scott said.

Regardless of others’ reaction, all three enjoyed cosplay; for McNamara and Scott, it helped them overcome social anxiety.

“Before I got into this, I was lucky if I left my house,” said McNamara. “Now I can go out and just have fun. I can dress up as a character and just act out and have some fun without worrying about what other people think.”

Scott, a mother of three, suggested the lifestyle is an important release from day-to-day

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