Cibolo considering changes to alcohol ordinance, residential space –

Changes could be brewing for a longtime Cibolo ordinance that restricts the sale of alcohol in certain parts of the city, according to reports from the city council.

As it stands now, Chapter 6, Article II, Sec. 6-11 prevents restaurants and bars in the city from serving alcohol within 300 feet of a school or church. This distance is typically measured door-to-door with churches, and between property lines for schools.

But Mayor Allen Dunn and the rest of the city council are now mulling over a letter sent by the city’s Economic Development Corporation that recommends the law be relaxed to allow for exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

“We’re not taking any action on this yet, but we are taking a look at this issue,” Dunn said. “We need to define the problem before we make an effort to solve it.”

At the June 13 city council meeting, EDC Director Mark Luft put the problem in simple terms:

“We’ve already had one real estate broker representing a (restaurant) client decide not to build here,” Luft said. “I don’t know what the lost revenue would have been.”

The EDC letter, which states that the “current alcohol ordinance is a detriment to attracting certain types of businesses … by limiting the property where they are allowed to build,” goes on to recommend that the city revert back to less stringent, state-level standards that would allow for exceptions to the 300-foot barrier.

While the move has the support of several business owners, some residents remain concerned about relaxing the buffer between schools and alcohol.

“We’re not just talking about high school kids, we’re talking about middle school, elementary-aged kids, even (places) that offer day care,” said local mom Monica Green, 42. “Having a buffer isn’t just about keeping kids away from this stuff

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