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This balmy September week presents a challenge:

To drink, or not to drink, pumpkin beer?

The challenge is one of conditioning vs. climate. It’s this time of year, with fall approaching, that Pumking, Punkin Ale and all the other beers made with that seasonal squash hit store shelves. And, usually, it’s this time of year that the temperature drops to the point that the cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices in their profiles sound pretty tasty.

One bitterly cold January afternoon, Joe Shelton and Mark Grimaldi walked into Prison City P…

But lately, the temperature’s gone nowhere but up. Sours, session IPAs and other summer crushers still win out. So right now, pumpkin beers are like the friend who insists on wearing their nice fall jacket when it’s 80 degrees out because it’s fall, damn it, and they just love that jacket. What’s a little sweat and discomfort compared to style and seasonal tradition?

It being central New York, the temperature will probably plummet into the 40s by the time I finish typing this column, anyway.

Hopefully, the temperature really does plummet by the time they hit our local taps.


Garrett Shepherd serves a beer as his mom, Debbie DiNardo, helps behind the bar June 19 at The Good Shepherds Brewing Co. in Auburn.

From left, Joe Shelton and Mark Grimaldi are the brewers and owners of Aurora Ale

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